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Caveat Emptor

Caveat Emptor

Putting together an emergency go-bag is serious business. There are multiple items that should go in the bag to make it reliably useful when an emergency occurs. 

It takes time to put a go-bag together. It takes money. The entire exercise can seem overwhelming. The result is that some people will do nothing about getting a go-bag together, others may go to the internet to order a pre-made one. Doing nothing, in our minds, is not an option. Everybody needs a go bag. However, buying a ready-made go-bag may not always be the best option either.

As with any other product, go-bags on the market have different degrees of standards, quality and a knowledge base that go into them. Especially with purchases that can affect our well being, we all must take responsibility for doing the research and educating ourselves before we buy. So, before purchasing a go-bag, put yourself in a situation, as hard as it may be to imagine, where you will not have access to your own belongings for a long time or even forever. Think about what types of emergencies you may be experiencing and what you may need; for instance, real rope versus paracord, room for your personal items versus room only for emergency items, wheeling capability versus solely a backpack, etc. etc.

Make sure you have what you need minus anything extraneous and gimmicky. Be sure the go-bag you are buying has sufficient quality and quantity. Buy a bag that works for you and will serve you well. Let the buyer beware.