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Do You Live in a Flood Zone?

Do You Live in a Flood Zone?

A recent article in Houston Public Media caused us to wonder how many people don't realize they live in an evacuation zone. Not knowing may be particularly true of people who have moved recently since not all real estate laws require disclosure that a house is in a flood zone.

It makes sense to find out. FEMA has some informative resources - here is one. Some local regions also have sophisticated systems and informative resources. Here is New York's mapBest, however, as the on-line information can be confusing, to speak with your local public officials.

The goal is to get prepared. If you live in a flood zone you need to know who to tune into on the radio or television for accurate information. Understand whether your community has a specific evacuation plan and sign up for their alerts. Know the route you need to take and where you’re going to shelter if ordered to evacuate. Know your children’s school’s emergency plan. 

In an emergency evacuation, knowing where to go, how to get there and what to take are essential to your family’s well being.