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Flashlights Are a Necessity When the Lights Go Out

Flashlights Are a Necessity When the Lights Go Out

Emergency responders are trained to operate in the dark. Most people, however, are not trained to move about in the dark, hence, flashlights come in very handy when the lights go out. The Vles GO-bag has two sources of light - an individual flashlight with three types of light (high, low and strobe) and the emergency radio with two sources of light - a steady-stream flashlight/intermittent strobe and a reading light.

We chose the flashlight for its durability and light weight. It becomes a hands-free light when the GO-bag is worn as a backpack - simply fasten the flashlight to the shoulder strap bands. We provide an AA battery separate from the flashlight. We chose not to install the battery for longer life as installation would result in a trickle draw from the battery.

The lights in the radio are straight forward. There is a flashlight at one end and a reading light under the solar panel. The lights (and the radio/charger) can be powered by hand cranking, the sun, or inserting three triple “A” batteries (not included).

Headlamps are another way to have hands-free light and should be considered when personalizing your GO-bag. Additionally, having a number of quality flashlights in conspicuous locations in your home is important in case of power loss.

Having a variety of light sources is critical to be sure you don't get caught in the dark in an emergency.