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How To Use the VLES Messenger Module

How To Use the VLES Messenger Module

There may be times when you want, or need, to leave your fully stocked GO-bag behind. Converting the top inner module into a messenger bag is as simple as our pictures really is that simple:

  1. Unzip the backpack compartment.
  2. Remove the waist belt by pulling it through the loop.
  3. Unzip the front of the GO-bag.
  4. Remove the navy module.
  5. Clip the waist belt to the module.

We can think of reasons you would need a messenger bag. You may be in a shelter, a relative's house or settled anywhere, and want or need to get out for a while and keep your most important items, documents and money with you. Or, you may be in a difficult situation when you have to leave your GO-bag behind, but you'll need your documents, money and key items with you.

Of course, there are other reasons why the messenger module on its own may come in handy. Good to know it's there if/when you need it.