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Meet Emergency Preparedness Expert, Wanda Vollmer

Meet Emergency Preparedness Expert, Wanda Vollmer

We all know disaster planning is a team sport. Decisions need to be made acknowledging that when emergencies strike, they not only strike individuals, they strike neighbors, whole communities, whole countries and they may, like the Covid-19 virus, strike whole planets. Having a well thought out plan in place, and the necessary supplies to go with that plan, can make a life and death difference. At Vles Designs we have collaborated with numerous experts in emergency services; experts who make an enormous contribution to people’s everyday lives by helping to keep them safe. Through this newsletter we’re going to introduce you to many of them.

Our guest this month is Wanda Vollmer of Peace of Mind Preparedness. Wanda is an experienced emergency preparedness expert. She helps families and whole communities  address and plan for emergencies. Wanda lives in California and we first “met” Wanda when she connected with Vles Designs to order a Vles GO-bag for one of her clients. Here’s Wanda:

Hi, I’m Wanda Vollmer, founder of Peace of Mind Preparedness. As a child living on a ranch in San Luis Obispo, I remember the wildfires that would frequently threaten our property and livestock and will never forget being awoken in the middle of the night to evacuate during one particularly fast-moving fire. At the age of 24 I created my first preparedness and communication plan for my family and knew I’d found my calling.

I worked for the American Red Cross as a Community Engagement Manager, serving as the lead functional expert for Red Cross Preparedness programs and community partner development. I reached over 10,000 individuals with community disaster education programs in addition to recruiting, training, and managing Community Engagement Volunteers.

In addition, I completed the Monterey Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Program in 2018. CERT focuses on disaster preparedness, search and rescue, team organization and disaster medical operations. I’ve been asked by the Carmel Police Department and City of Carmel Officials to serve as leader in their Emergency Operations Center to help prepare our community for COVID-19.

I created Peace of Mind Preparedness with the belief that the stronger our community is the better able we’ll be to respond to a disaster. I focus not only on consulting household by household and speaking to service groups, but also by presenting at companies as part of their professional development programs. I provide basic preparedness tactics that work across all types of disasters, cover the specifics of disasters that are likely to occur in our area, help participants draft a plan for them and their families, and help to build a disaster kit to provide peace of mind when the unexpected occurs.

Consultations not only include the initial training but also provides a follow up to answer questions, check in on status, discuss any issues in building a personal emergency plan and creating a kit, and to ensure the thoroughness and quality of each individual’s  results.

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