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I Really Need to Go, Now What?

I Really Need to Go, Now What?

There will be an urgent moment in all our lives when we just need to go. There’ll be no time to think. There’ll barely be time to act. All you know is, you need to go. It’s during these times that you wish you'd been better prepared! You wish you knew where the nearest facility is and what you’ll need in order to enter. You wish you were ready … for whatever the emergency is. Especially today, there’s a definite need to be prepared for whatever emergency life hands out.

We try not to think about the scary things, we’d rather ignore them, change our Facebook profile pictures in support and say these things happen to others, far away. It’s on the evening news or in our social media feeds, not in our cities. But look at our world. Not to be fatalistic, but most of us will face emergencies, these scary moments, in our lifetimes. We’ll more than likely survive and work through them - if we’re prepared.  

That’s why we all need a “GO” bag. A bag that we keep in a closet or cupboard for at-the-moment emergencies. A bag that has all the essentials of our lives that’ll help get us through when all hell breaks loose. When the lights go out, when our technology fails, when we just need to pick up and get the heck out of dodge, that’s when you grab and GO.

Are you ready? Set. GO!