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Spring Forward and Get Prepared

Spring Forward and Get Prepared

The warmer weather and longer days is a great time to get stuff done. Putting away winter gear, gathering up summer bathing suits and shorts, giving the home a good scrub, checking smoke/CO detector batteries and getting prepared for summer emergencies are essential things to do to get prepared for summer fun.

Spring and summer can see many types of emergencies, including weather events that bring flooding and power outages. Taking stock of supplies on hand and knowing your plan in case you need to evacuate are important items to add to your “to-do” list.

Changing or adding to items in your go bag is also a good idea. Sunblock, a summer hat, and an extra pair of sunglasses could come in handy. Check expiration dates of medications, prescriptions, and any food and water you have in your bag. Update your Readiness Playbook. Make sure you have enough supplies in your home to last you a while (some experts suggest a two-week supply is appropriate) just in case you need to shelter in place.

The warmer weather is a wonderful time to get ready for summer. Making sure you're prepared for an emergency should put a spring in your step.