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The Emergency Blanket - Better Than Sliced Bread

The Emergency Blanket - Better Than Sliced Bread

A typical emergency blanket, sometimes called a space blanket, is made of thin mylar film. It's the type of material you see in the blankets given to marathoners after a race. The blanket reflects heat back to your body and functions like a super compact blanket. 

But what makes it almost magical and a must have in every go bag, emergency kit, car, backpack, you name it - is that it has so many other functions. Following we've called out a few less obvious uses below. 

  • Make a small rain shelter
  • Create a hood to keep your head warm
  • Create a scarf
  • Use it to write on (there's a sharpie in the VLES GO-bag)
  • Use it as a water carrying device
  • Use it as a funnel to catch water
  • Line boots to keep your socks dry

Have a look at this full list from Seattle Backpackers Magazine.

To truly stay head-to-toe warm, a sleeping bag of the same material is essential. We stock both the blanket and the sleeping bag in the VLES GO-bag. As a bonus, the sleeping bag can also be turned into two blankets by separating the sleeping bag along the tear lines...a simple task.