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The Necessary Mobility Built Into the VLES GO-bag

The Necessary Mobility Built Into the VLES GO-bag

A true emergency go-bag, properly stocked, weighs a minimum of 25 pounds. It's a lot of weight to transport. An ordinary knapsack or duffel bag is completely inadequate, regardless of your size or fitness level.

We've designed the VLES GO-bag to perform for anyone in most situations. It's got wheels and an adjustable handle; that speaks for itself. If you need to put the pack on your back, either because the terrain is too rough for wheels or you need both of your hands (think about holding a child or pet), it converts to a full-on backpack.

We took our inspiration from firefighter breathing apparatus packs and from the outdoor market and built in padded, fully adjustable, backpack straps and a four inch wide padded adjustable waist belt to distribute weight to your hips and waist. There's an adjustable sternum strap which has a built-in emergency whistle. When in backpack mode the handle is stored behind a zippered flap, and when in wheeling mode the backpack apparatus is stored behind a zippered flap.

Finally, when the handle and the backpack apparatus are concealed the GO-bag stows easily in a closet, a car, an overhead compartment on an airplane. Two heavy duty handles make the GO-bag easy to grab and maneuver. And, there are no superfluous straps, doodads, or dongles hanging off the bag that can get snagged. The incognito look? A fashionable, heavy duty piece of luggage.


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