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What's In a GO-bag?

What's In a GO-bag?

  • Critical documents
  • Water
  • Medical supplies
  • Medication
  • Safety items and tools
  • Change of clothes
  • Entertainment for the kids
  • Flotation device depending on location
  • Food
  • Cash
  • Other - make it your own

We all know it makes sense, that a GO-bag is something we should have but life is busy, the kids need to get to school, we can barely get ourselves together to get to work on time, etc. etc. Putting together a seldom-used (hopefully never) emergency bag falls close to last on the to-do list.

You need to make time.

But putting together a GO-bag is important. You need to figure out what personal information you need to keep in written form, because who memorizes phone numbers (or bank account numbers...) anymore? Think about that information for your children, your pets. Then, break down your family plan, take note of your prescriptions, pocket some money.

You need to make a list.

Beyond information, you need tactical things to help you survive given any circumstance. You need medical supplies in case someone gets hurt, toiletries in case you’re away longer than anticipated. A change of clothing, entertainment for the kids, a way to charge a cell phone, water purification all into the bag.

That list is starting to grow.

You want to be the most prepared person in the group, to be self sufficient when outside or professional support is overwhelmed. Now is the time to make the time, make a list, and get ready to go with confidence.