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Why You Need a Family Plan in a Pandemic

Why You Need a Family Plan in a Pandemic

At VLES, we have something we call the Readiness Playbook. It’s a guide we put together that asks various questions and hopefully gets you thinking about information details you may not have thought about that would be useful when faced with an emergency.

We harp on people getting the information they need and filling in their Readiness Playbook, then sharing the plan with those closest to them. We think it’s so important that people have a plan and their important information at their finger tips that we make our Readiness Playbook free for anyone to download from our web site. And now, with this pandemic, I hope people will not only see the merit of having a plan but will understand what all our whining is about.

Though we may not have had to grab our bags and GO, this current COVID-19 pandemic has made it incredibly clear that having essential information in one place is imperative. As things quickly changed and our day-to-day living experience became more and more insular, having prescription information, medical information, school emergency plan information, etc. on hand and easy to access becomes extremely important.

As lessons emerge from this time, perhaps information to add into the Readiness Playbook should include the number to mom and dad’s assisted living facility and information about the emergency plans the facility has. Should include a directive as to what the wishes of all individuals are if certain medical situations arise. Also, a consideration to include in your Playbook the names and numbers for the most vulnerable in our neighborhoods so we can check on them. 

The Readiness Playbook is a very personal instrument. It is designed to get you thinking about what specific information you will need in an emergency. It is designed to be fluid so as things change, like all of a sudden we’re in a pandemic, the information in your Playbook can change as well.

You can download the Readiness Playbook here.