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You Don't Think You Need a GO-bag?

You Don't Think You Need a GO-bag?

It does not have to be a large scale disaster for a GO-bag to be useful.

Many of us think of floods, hurricanes, fires when we think of incidences when we may need to evacuate our homes in a moment’s notice; instances when a GO-bag would prove useful. But have you ever stopped to think of all the activity that surrounds you every day and the possibility that something could go terribly wrong and there would be a need to evacuate immediately.

Your GO-bag and plan could come in very handy in situations such as a propane tanker truck accident near your home. Evacuations within a mile radius are not uncommon. A house fire. That small stove fire that quickly spread to the wood cupboards and, boy fire moves fast, and quickly became more than you could handle so you needed to get out - fast! The train that transports all kinds of chemical stuff near your home suddenly derails. There’s a fire at the plant in your area and it’s spewing toxic fumes into the air. The dam that sits above your neighborhood has started leaking.

These are just a few of the real scenarios that have occurred and could occur to you and suddenly your life is turned upside down. You’ll want that GO-bag with copies of important papers and telephone numbers, a change of clothes and your particular contact lens solution. You’ll be glad you completed your plan, shared it with family and friends and practiced your escape route.

Evacuations can happen at any time. Make sure you’re prepared to handle whatever comes your way.