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Your Pets Need a GO-bag

Your Pets Need a GO-bag

The story of the golden retriever who waited for days at the site of his burned out Paradise, CA home for his owner to return tore at our hearts and renewed our resolve to make sure our pets’ needs would be well planned for in an emergency. Our pets are part of our family. 

When making an emergency plan and packing an emergency GO-bag there are specific things to consider for pets:

1. How will you keep your pet close to you? Store leashes, harnesses, transport crates in a regular spot where they can be easily and quickly located.

2. Find out if your local shelter allows pets into the shelter. If so, have the documentation the shelter may need such as current rabies certificates, other vaccines, and ownership certificates.

3. Include a list of your pet’s medications/supplements and copies of current prescriptions in the GO-bag.

4. Have a current photo of your pet in case he/she gets lost in the turmoil.

5. Place a favorite toy or other familiar smelling object in the GO-bag. Also, include a comb or brush to help calm your pet.

6.  Pack a good amount of your pet’s regular food along with a collapsible bowl or other container in which you can provide water.

7.  Finally, make a list of people outside your area who would take in your pet in case your shelter is unable to accommodate your friend.