Because power goes out, light is needed, you'll need a phone charger, and you may need to be able to audibly alert that you need help. You'll also need to be informed if the weather emergency or other emergency worsens and you need to change location.

We provide a substantial amount of jelled water but if you are displaced for longer than you expect and the potable water situation is less than stellar, water treatment tabs will be essential.

You can live without water for three days, but you shouldn't have to. We supply three days worth of emergency water. We chose the Datrex emergency water packets.

Ours is BPA free, with measurements on the outside so you can mix your aqua treatment tabs properly. It's also a wide-mouth bottle for ease of mixing, pouring and drinking.

Our 12 in 1 multi tool allows you to cut paper or bandages or whatever, it has a knife, screwdriver, wrench, bottle opener and multiple other tools that come in handy, only limited by your imagination.

Our flashlight not only shines LED light on what you need to see, it can convert to a strobe light if you need to be seen. It's compact size allows it to be secured to a strap leaving your hands free, or held for long periods of time without causing fatigue. Batteries are included; make sure you check them regularly.

The N95 mask filters 95% of particles. With a nose clip and latex free head strap, the mask will fit securely to your face. We include two in a fully stocked GO-bag.

Cold packs come in handy for strains, sprains and extreme heat situations.

Burn sheets are an essential when it's imperative to keep a burn clean and germ free.

A CBP officer, who is also a first responder, suggested we include these. The bag can become two blankets if that's more appropriate to the situation. It can become a belt, a splint, a water holder. There are multiple uses for this practical item.

Tweezers come in handy for so many things. From extricating splinters and bits of glass to pulling ticks off skin after time in the woods.

Our latex-free medical gloves offer protection from blood-borne illnesses and make great balloons to keep the children entertained.

To help clean cuts and scrapes.

Self explanatory - for minor cuts and scrapes.

Self explanatory. You'll be glad it's there.

Because good mouth hygiene is paramount.

Self explanatory. You'll be glad we thought of this.

Self explanatory. Healthy teeth and fresh breath are important self-care steps when you may be in an unfamiliar situation.

To cover smaller ouches to prevent infection.

An essential item because there are so many uses. You can use it to keep warm, to put on the wet ground, as a scarf, as a splint, to haul water, as a signal reflector, as a belt, as a rain shelter, even to write on with the Sharpie we provide. And the list goes on.

Multiple uses. Let your imagination soar. Someone once said, "The world is put together with duct tape" so why wouldn't we include it?

Rope comes in handy in so many ways from jumping with the kids to tieing together extra supplies, securing tarps, to leashing your pet. Ours has a breaking strength over 2500 pounds.

If you need to make a fire for warmth or cooking, and it's raining ...

Lots of evacuations are weather related. It's always good to be prepared.

For all kinds of things including marking that you've been at your meeting place but decided to leave to go on to the next meeting place (date and time).

For sprains, strains and all kinds of wrapping.

Self explanatory. Ours have rubberized palms for easy gripping.

Because you need to be seen.

Because our smart phones are important portable computers that we need to protect from the elements.

If you don't know when to use these, please take a first aid course.

Multiple purposes from runny noses to lack of t.p. in the bathroom.

Traditionally used to support a hurt arm, a triangular bandage has multiple uses. You'll learn what they are in your first aid course.

Ours is latex free in case of allergies. Multiple first aid uses.

If your bar of soap doesn't last as long as your stay away from home. Or, you need to clean before you go in your temporary facility.

For those frosty days when you may have to wait in line ... outside.

In case bits of something enter the eye.

Because we don't want bits of something to enter your eye. Protect the only pair of eyes you have.

In case there isn't one where you're staying, or it can be used as a signalling device.