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How to Pack Your GO-bag for Two People

How to Pack Your GO-bag for Two People

We designed the Vles GO-bag with the "buddy system" in mind. Configured mindfully, it'll work well for two people. You may not be able to fit two pairs of big boots and two large coats inside the bag but it'll definitely fit your essentials. Here's how:

Water bottles: one in the outside pocket bottle holder, the other hanging from the bottle holder by unscrewing the lid, passing it through the cinching strap and screwing it back on. 

Roll your clothes: a tight roll of extra socks, underwear and t-shirts along with a couple of hats and mittens fit nicely in the modules. 

Re-pack your modules: We pack the bag for shipping. You don't need to keep it that way. Move things around. Add to the personal care kit. If you don't need the whole roll of duct tape, remove it. We put in a whole roll so you can use it if ever ordered to shelter in place. You'll want to repack your bag with the heaviest items in the lower part of the bag so if you use it as a backpack, the weight sits on your hips.

Messenger Bag: This bag can be used as another module inside the GO-bag or it can be removed and used as a stand-alone bag. Just take the waist strap from the backpack compartment and use it as the shoulder strap for the messenger bag. The waist strap has two pockets for cash. The messenger bag has an RFID pocket for credit cards, passports, drivers' licenses, etc. plus a large pocket for a stuffed animal, a book, more clothing ...

Tether and Carabiner: We thought about your boots and other larger items. These can be strapped to your bag with the attached tether and carabiner. 

We didn't put too many bells and whistles on the outside of the bag as these extras could become a snag hazard. But, if you want the extra room, it can accommodate all kinds of scenarios and skinny down to a simple bag if the need arises. 


Photo by Samantha Hurley from Burst