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Tactical Optimism

Tactical Optimism

Karina and I were recently discussing our own optimism, the conditions we face in today's world, and how we found ourselves in an industry of helping people plan for disasters and general preparedness. We wondered about this and came to the conclusion that we are "tactical optimists." 

What is this? For us it means having a positive outlook while being prepared, and feeling optimistic because we are prepared.

Being tactically optimistic means we avoid the trap of "optimism bias." This is the bias where one believes they are immune from disasters and problems. We are not immune and we know it. So we prepare as much as is practical. The peace-of-mind that comes from being prepared to the best of our ability is calming and empowering, it leaves us feeling tactically optimistic. 

As we adjust our daily lives in this COVID-19 pandemic, we look at the situation as a challenge, a large, scary challenge, but one we feel we are mostly prepared to meet. We feel tactically optimistic that we will weather the worst of this and do so in a way that we can be helpful to ourselves and to others. 

Tactical Optimism is a powerful motivator to get prepared. In our opinion, preparedness leads to optimism.