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The VLES Water Bottle - Dark but Not too Mysterious

The VLES Water Bottle - Dark but Not too Mysterious

Wondering why our water bottle is so big and dark? Well, wonder no more. Here’s the story:


The water bottle measures a full 32 ounces (1 quart) so it is easy to use with our treatment tabs (one tablet per quart). This measurement is also useful for mixing powdered drinks, infant formula, etc.

Wide Mouth opening:

The opening is wide for ease of inserting a mixing spoon, etc.

Attached Lid:

The lid is attached to the bottle with a flexible ring so it won’t get lost in packed or dark situations. The attached lid is also useful to hang things from (I have my dog’s collapsible bowl attached to mine) or for hanging the bottle from items such as a bag handle, a tether, etc.

Dark Color:

We chose a dark color bottle as there is evidence that liquids degrade when sunlight penetrates a light bottle. We wanted to avoid that. 

BPA Free:

The bottles are BPA free and reusable.


One side of the bottle has bright green measurements so you can see them easily in dimly lit spaces. The other side of the bottle is our logo - three tiers of readiness - Plan. Prepare. Practice.