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Wash Your Hands People!

Wash Your Hands People!

From cold and flu avoidance to other virus avoidance, there’s one easy, totally accessible, simple thing we can all do. Wash hands!

That’s not just a quick rinse under cool water. Proper hand washing is something to be taken seriously and done with intent. No alcohol-based cleansers necessary. Simple soap and the hottest water you can tolerate are top of the list suggestions. And take your time - sing the alphabet song or the happy birthday song. When you get to the end you’ll know you’ve done a good job of it.

Wash every time you come in from outside. And when you’re out and about, don’t touch your eyes, your mouth or your nose until those hands have been properly washed. And, don’t forget about deodorizing your things - your keyboard, your phone, maybe even a wipe of the ATM before using. Can’t be too cautious. 

Learn more about hand washing and the CDC’s National Hand Washing Campaign at


Photo by Matthew Henry from Burst