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What's in Your GO-bag and What You Need to Shelter (or Quarantine) in Place

What's in Your GO-bag and What You Need to Shelter (or Quarantine) in Place

We are grateful to receive thoughtful input from purchasers of the VLES GO-bag. Recently, we received an email with what we think are common sense suggestions of supplies to add and/or exchange in the GO-bag:

  1. “Exchanged bar of soap for small bottles of No Rinse shampoo and body wash, which provides for hygiene needs without using precious water.
  2. Exchanged packets of antibacterial hand wipes for small bottles of hand sanitizer. This eliminates trash to throw away when a wipe has been used, and no worries about wipes drying out after the packet is opened.
  3. Added plastic toothbrush cases to keep brushes clean while drying after use.
  4. Added small camping towels in waterproof pouches.
  5. Added high-protein bars for the humans and a travel-container of dry cat food.
  6. Added a small baggie of chocolate-covered espresso beans because I'm one of those people who gets a debilitating headache if I don't have my morning coffee.”

In addition to these GO-bag suggestions, we’ve been thinking about what would be useful for sheltering-in-place, or as it’s being called these days, self-quarantining. Some suggestions:

  1. Be sure your water and food supplies are plentiful and fresh.
  2. Don’t forget toilet paper and feminine and masculine hygiene products. Extra toothpaste and dental floss.
  3. Remember extra food, litter, bedding for pets.
  4. For children - extra diapers, some new toys and/or reading material, access to on-line school lessons, ways to introduce physical activity inside.
  5. Add some bottles of bleach, extra soap and hand sanitizers to your stores.
  6. Not a bad idea to get some extra prescription meds and other medical needs as well as contact lens solution.
  7. Make sure power cords and batteries are accessible.
  8. Entertainment needs - once you’ve had enough of 24/7 news, read that book you’ve been wanting to read, do a little sewing, knitting or crocheting, paint a room, do a little wood working or tinker with the car sitting in your garage.

For such an active society, staying home may get really old really fast. Make sure you have the tools in place to make this time as comfortable and stimulating as you can.