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What is Single Action Bias?

What is Single Action Bias?

Single Action Bias is relying on only one action to reduce a threat. "People often take no further action, presumably because the first one succeeded in reducing their feeling of worry or vulnerability."1

This phenomenon finds its way into getting prepared for emergencies. Gathering a bunch of supplies and stashing them in a closet is hardly getting prepared. Yet this single action gives many people a false sense of security. 

We urge everyone not to let "Single Action Bias" seduce you into believing you're ready for anything.

In order to be prepared, you need:

  • An assortment of emergency and first aid supplies (including water);
  • A quality bag that simply will perform; this is not a place to cut corners;
  • Copies of critical documents;
  • Your personal items like clothes, medication, baby formula, pet food, etc.;
  • A plan so you and your loved ones know where to go, where your kids are going, how to communicate, etc.;
  • Practice an evacuation - what route, where you go;
  • Practice sheltering in place;
  • Maintain your go bag by making sure your personal items and documents are relevant and current, and expiration dates have not passed.

1 - Columbia University CRED report.