When does the product ship?

Orders are shipped within one business day.

How many people can use one bag?

When you buy the fully-stocked GO-bag, we stock the bag with supplies for one person to be fully prepared. However, two people can make use of the bag as it is roomy enough for two people's personal items. To be best prepared for two people, we suggest you purchase the Vles Designs Friend's Pack.

What if I have a family of four?

A GO-bag per person would be best. However, our bag has room for two people to store emergency and first aid supplies as well as personal items in one bag. We would recommend adding a Friend's Pack to each bag.

What if I want to make a return?

We accept returns for a full credit of the cost of the product. Simply return the item in its original condition, in the same or similarly protective packing materials. Once we receive the return in our warehouse, we will issue the credit. Please note: We do not cover the cost of the return freight.

So, this bag just lives at my house? Can I use it for anything else?

The GO-bag can be used for many day-to-day activities. Bring it with you in your car in case of a major traffic jam or travel change, or take it hiking so you have access to first aid and emergency supplies. Just make sure you re-stock anything you've used then put the GO-bag back in its place.

How much would it cost me to make this myself?

You will find a list of the supplies we include on our website. Feel free to use our list and source your own supplies and bag. We did research and found the cost to assemble supplies could be in excess of $200. You can have a look at the comparable cost here. We have worked hard to provide the highest quality supplies at affordable prices.

How much time do I have to put into preparing the Vles GO-bag once I receive it?

Going through the Readiness Playbook, making a plan, photocopying documents, and packing personal items should take less than two hours, and it is time well spent.

Are there any expiration dates to be aware of?

Yes. Potable water tablets, emergency water, cold packs and batteries all have expiration dates. Right now these expiration dates are many years out, but time moves quickly. We will send periodic email reminders to check the dates on those items.

What personal items should I put in?

Much depends on your life status such as where you live, your age, if you have children or pets, etc. Given these qualifiers, you’ll want to think about pants, socks, hats, suntan lotion, pet food, pacifiers, sunglasses, eyeglass or contact lens cleaner, a foldable cane, books, medication, pain relievers, baby formula, diapers, a game, cash, toilet paper, favorite photos and anything else you feel is important for you to have. Also, remember to include copies of documentation, including prescriptions and pet vaccination reports.

How much does the bag weigh?

The bag, without contents, weighs eight pounds. The guts that we provide weighs nine pounds. Your personal items, including a laptop could make the fully packed GO-bag weigh as much as thirty pounds, all depending on what you choose to add.

What if I need to move faster?

Built into the GO-bag is a module you can use separately as a messenger bag.

What size is it and is it adjustable?

The GO-bag is 22” tall x 14” wide x 9” deep. Small enough to comply with most airline carry-on size requirements. The GO-bag is a soft shell. The shoulder straps, waist belt and handle are adjustable.

How do I put the battery into the flashlight?

Here is a short video to show you how.

Will you make corporate sales?

Yes. For corporate sales information please contact us.

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