How to Prepare an Emergency Evacuation Plan

Readiness Playbook which shows you how to prepare and emergency evacuation plan

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When it comes to planning for disasters, knowing how to prepare an emergency evacuation plan is an absolute must. Putting one together is not complicated, you just need to think it through.

In preparing an emergency evacuation plan, ask yourself what, who, when and where.

WHAT is the emergency? Is it a weather emergency? A fire emergency? A medical emergency? Something else? The "what" is important in understanding what you'll need and how you are going to react to that particular emergency.

WHO are the people and pets the plan will cover? In an emergency evacuation plan, the "who" is particularly important so no one gets left behind, including the family pet.

WHEN is the emergency occurring? During the day when parents are at work and children are at school? Night time? "When" is important because you need to know where everyone is and who will be responsible for picking them up and taking them to a gathering point so you can know everyone is safe.

WHERE will everyone be and where will everyone go? You will need to pre-plan gathering spots and think through how everyone will get to those spots. You will need to plan what essential items you will take with you and the route you will take to get you to safety.

Learning how to prepare an emergency evacuation plan and then making the plan is an important step in keeping you and your family safe. Download the free Readiness Playbook to help you prepare your emergency evacuation plan.  

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