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What's the Difference Between a Go Bag and an Emergency Kit?

What's the Difference Between a Go Bag and an Emergency Kit?

Sometimes these descriptors, go-bag and emergency kit, are used interchangeably, but there is - in our opinion - a significant difference. An emergency kit is a collection of supplies you would need in an emergency. These kits are configured for different uses such as a car kit, or a house kit to shelter in place, etc. The focus is on what is in the kit - and that's it.

A go-bag is built to enable you to GO - to leave your house in an evacuation - potentially with no warning, and to leave prepared to face an unknown immediate future while being as prepared as possible. This "immediate future" includes potentially not being able to return to your house.

This is why we place so much emphasis on having a plan, copying your documents, stocking your go-bag with your personal items, and having a bag that is designed for the unknown. To us that means such things as being able to wheel your go-bag, carry it, or even fit it into an overhead bin on a plane. It means water resistance, durability, and numerous other features built into the bag itself.

If you are putting together your own go-bag, we urge you to take a look at the features we designed into the VLES GO-bag, and incorporate as many of those features as possible. Here is a link to download a list of the features and here is a link for the supplies that are part of the VLES GO-bag; important food for thought. 

We also urge people to be careful not to be lulled into a false sense of security that a well equipped bag of supplies, or a single purpose - one size fits all - bug-out bag is the same thing as a true go-bag. Careful consideration of what you may be facing is necessary. This is definitely not the time to fall victim to "single action bias" - doing one small thing and think you've done all you need to in order to face an evacuation. 

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