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The Ostrich Paradox - Book Overview

The Ostrich Paradox - Book Overview

Why do we humans consistently underprepare?

Two psychologists from the University of Pennsylvania, Robert Meyer and Howard Kunreuther, explore the question of why we humans consistently underprepare for disasters. It's a fascinating topic, especially considering that more than two thirds of Americans feel they and/or their communities are underprepared.

Central to the book are the "six biases that lead individuals, communities, and institutions to make grave errors that cost lives." The six biases are:

  1. Myopia Bias
  2. Amnesia Bias
  3. Optimism Bias
  4. Inertia Bias
  5. Simplification Bias
  6. Herding Bias

We've taken a look at Optimism Bias in the past. You can read about Myopia Bias here and we'll have a look at the other four biases in future writings. 

Learn about The Ostrich Paradox here.